Ready, Set, Summer Party!

August 4, 2016  •  1 Comment

There’s no other season quite as fun as summer, so take advantage of the great outdoors and use that backyard for all that it’s worth. Under the stars or beneath the sun, plan for an event that showcases everything that we love about this season.

The smell of a grill wafts through the air, the cicadas serenade through the trees, the freshly-mown lawn beneath your feet; it’s safe to say that it’s summer. That means that your backyard is due for a party, but not all parties are the same. Whether you’re throwing a backyard bash or an evening soirée there are a few things to consider this season before you fire up the grill and pour the lemonade.

summer party classic 1

When we think of parties in this season, we tend to drift toward the rustic appeal. Do not let this notion saturate every aspect of your design process though, for their is quite a bit of room to play within the genre.

Draw the colours of nature into your tablescape. Bring out earthy tones with the natural freshness of wood grain. Throw in a soothing green to highlight the tranquility of foliage and spark the canvass with pops of floral vibrancy.


Or add lots of color for a more festive scene.


Parties can also have a dose of the modern aesthetic. Adding dynamism via tenting with minimalistic black chairs can bring home this style. Just think minimalism and duo-chromatic scenes with nature adding the rest of the color.

Summer Elegant Tent

As far as backyard parties go, nothing shouts good times as well as a pool party. Remember to compliment not only the greens, but the pool as well. Here we see the teal blue of the water providing the perfect backdrop to the gold and white of the set-up.

Summer Poolside



It’s summer so get ready to have some fun! Make your event the talk of the season with Classic! Set a date and plan your event, contact Classic Event & Tent Rentals today!

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