10 Must-Do’s to Throw the Game-Day Party People Will Talk About for Years

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Sports buffs and non-sports fans alike will gather on Sunday, Feb. 5 for the most celebrated football game of the year. Here are tips to throw the best Big Game party that your friends and family will reminisce about for years to come.

1) Looks like a party to me.

When guests arrive, make sure they know they’re in the right spot! Balloons out front are always a great indicator, especially if you have guests coming to your home for the first time. Use both teams’ colors, unless you know for sure everyone is rooting for the same team; you want everyone to feel like they’re welcome to cheer either team. Balloons are an easy add to bring the party some color, along with napkins, tablecloths and tableware.

Most people use disposables to accommodate the number of guests and avoid cleaning. However, if you want to take the party up a notch and be more environmentally friendly, you can always rent plates, glasses and flatware. Most rental companies – like Classic Party Rentals – don’t even require you to wash the items before you return them. Just put them back in the box!

Patriots fan? Try blue and red glassware with navy striped linens. The options are endless, and guests will really take notice of that extra effort.

2) Take a seat.

Ditch the flimsy camping chairs and rusted folding chairs stuffed in the garage, and rent a couple of sofas. They’ll be delivered right to your home. Side effect: your guests will be so comfortable they may never want to leave!

 3) Everything’s bigger in Texas.

Take a cue from the host city. Bigger = Better! The bigger the TV, the louder the sound system, the better the experience! If you have a few TVs in the house, bring them all into the room and scatter them around, so that everyone has the perfect view. Just make sure they’re synced. Don’t have a big TV? You can rent one, along with a projector screen and the appropriate equipment.

4) Grub time.

Food is the heart of every great party. Start planning the menu at least two weeks prior to the party. Are you doing a pot luck? Make sure you categorize who is bringing appetizers, entrees and desserts, and limit the amount of dishes per category so there’s a good variety for your guests. Feel like splurging? Hire a local caterer. They can create themed food options that are timed with the game, like passed hor d’oeuvres during pre-game interviews, entrees during half time, and desserts in the fourth quarter.

5) It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

Nothing is more appropriate for a football party than a keg. Pre-order your favorite brews well in advance, as everyone will have the same idea. Once you get the keg home, make sure you’re prepared to store it appropriately with enough ice and a plastic container big enough to hold it, like a “chill tub.” While metal ones look great, they do sweat a lot, so if you go this route make sure your floors are protected.

Also, it’s important to have a decent non-alcoholic selection for those DD’s and always set up a self-serve water station.

6) And the winner is . . . . 

Bring the party together with some friendly wagers. The $1 – $5 range ensures everyone can participate. One of the most popular games is the Football Squares, in which you bet on the score for each quarter. You can download a grid online and post it on a wall or an easel.

Another option is a football guessing game. Set up the same style grid but with questions and answers. For example: How long will the national anthem be sung for? What color will the Gatorade bath be? What color tie will Terry Bradshaw wear?… You get the idea.

 7) We are family.

If you know a lot of people with kids, keep in mind it’s a tough day to get a baby sitter. If your party is family-friendly, make sure you accommodate the kids, so that everyone has a good time and doesn’t leave the party early. Create a “kid zone” with games, toys and kid-friendly snacks and drinks. Better yet, get a teen family member to baby sit them!

8) Team spirit vs party animals.

If you’re going to have more than 20 guests, there’s a good chance not all of them are going to be focused on every minute of the game. Have a “game” area to entertain people who need a break from the TV. Crowd favorites include cornhole, ping pong, and a good ol’ game of catch. If it’s going to be “one of those parties,” the ping pong table can also double as the flip cup table for post-game fun!

9) Preparation is everything.

Check everything in the house! Some key items include: internet connection, power capacity, cable connection, TVs and remotes, and the sprinkler timer (if you’re using the lawn). Make sure all bathrooms are loaded with appropriate supplies and the plumbing is ready to handle some extra use.

There is nothing worse that the TV going down just as the game starts because the power is overloaded, or you’re on the phone trying to find a plumber when you should be watching that crucial field goal.

Also, consider parking. Offer options for your guests or suggest taking a cab or Uber.

10) And scene.

You’ve gone to all this effort to put on a fabulous party, and you’ve had an amazing time. Treat yourself and book a cleaning crew for the morning after. You won’t regret this “must-do!”


Trish Hook is a senior account executive at Classic Party Rentals’ Los Angeles office. For help executing your own game watch, contact your local Classic Party Rentals and browse available rental products at ClassicPartyRentals.com. Follow us on Facebook at @ClassicPartyRentals and on Instagram @ClassicParty.


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